Kazakhstan Big O Show For National Day And President Birthday
  • 【Project Description】
    Project Name:Kazakhstan Big O Show For National Day And President Birthday
    Project Type:Largre scale Lake flloating type fountain show
    Project Location:Ishim River, capital of Astana
    Supplier:Guangdong Optimum Show Technology Co.,Ltd.

    This is one of the large-scale musical fountain projects made by Optimum Show under the Chinese Policy  "One Belt One Road". I would like to thank the Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan for their assistance. Our company has participated in the design, manufacturing, construction and cooperation of tourism and cultural infrastructure in many cities in Kazakhstan Also constantly deepening. This water show was gorgeous at the mother river Ishim River in Astana on the evening of July 5, 2016. As the major celebration project for the 18th city day and the president's birthday in Astana, the capital, Our company  also sent a team of more than 500 people to finish this project within 30 days .

            It is 
     a length of 180 meters musical fountain  and a giant O-shape show . The O-shap  has a diameter of 17 meters and an outer diameter of 23 meters, Nearly 3000 sets of DMX512 lamps, thousands of pumps and over 1500 A nozzles , 120 fire jets used for this fountain.  

    Preliminary stage for discussing the orders


    Design Stage

    Installation Site Photo


    Final Effect 

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