Malaysia Stailess Steel Material Outdoor Musical Floor Fountain Project
  • 【Project Description】

    Name: Land Fountain in Malaysia

    Type: Floor Fountain 

    Location: R & F Princess Bay, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

    Supplier: Guangdong Optimum Show Technology Co.,Ltd.

    R&F Princess Cove Floor Fountain Show - R & F Princess Bay is located in Johor Bahru, the second largest city of Malaysia, and only 1 kilometer away from Singapore National Gate. To attract more popularity and increase customer experience, R & F Properties built this dry music fountain in front of the sales reception place, which includes more than 700 nozzles, with frequency and running fountain effect, supplemented by bright light colors, very gorgeous, Eye-catching.

    Dry/Floor/Ground Fountain is the fountain built with its nozzles and lights installed underground which will be covered by granite plate or stainless steel grating.

    When the fountain is not opened, people can walk on it. When it performs, the water will spray out from the hole in the plate. Dry fountain/Floor fountain can be installed in places like hotel, shopping mall, business building and street.

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