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Please Check Our Fountain Project Cases

Kazakhstan Big O Show For National Day And President Birthday
It is a length of 180 meters musical fountain and a giant O-shape show . The O-shap has a diameter of 17 meters and an outer diameter of 23 meters, Nearly 3000 sets of DMX512 lamps, thousands of pumps and over 1500 A nozzles , 120 fire jets used for this fountain.
The Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival Lighting Fountain Show in UAE
The Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival has opened its doors to visitors on Nov. 18, 2021.
Saudi Arabia Riyadh Season Boulevard Large Music Lighting Fountain Show
Riyadh Boulevard Large Music Lighting Fountain Show BLVD city fountains show, Riyadh season water fountains
HLA Property Hotel Dancing Fountain Show
This fountain is located in China, with 15 different programm
China Laiyuan Scenic Area Large Floating Music Fountain Lighting Show
China Laiyuan Scenic Area Large Floating Music Fountain Lighting Show



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Guangdong Optimum Show Technology Co.,Ltd.  specialized for the music fountain ,water screen , floor foutnain etc ,we have established our own product brand “Optimum Show” with the faith of “Quality First” .   Our company has been strongly supported by governments over the world since its establishment. The international management, international quality control, international design talents and the fountain equipment production base all contribute to the incomparable competitive advantages of the waterscape enterprise in the industry. Up to now, we have done projects for many countries from all over the world and gained good feedback from them. Famous oversea markets like Kazakhstan National Day Big O show, Saudi Riyadh season blouvard water show, Egypt Nile River show,  UAE Sheikh zayed festival music fountain.
As the accumulation of oversea markets big government  experiences,we have became the expert and leader offountain industry, and the best brand of water screen media.

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